Sunday, January 22, 2006

Yellow Rabbit

With apologies to Grace Slick, here is my 'updated' version of the classic 'drug' song - White Rabbit. I just feel that art needs to more accurately reflect current society. Who knows? - Maybe Gracie could stage a comeback.

On those few occasions that I have committed a travesty of Karaoke, I always request White Rabbit, ignore the actual lyrics and substitute mine. It goes over surprisingly well. So try these alternate lyrics at your next Karaoke party!

Yellow Rabbit
Only one pill makes you larger
Tadalafil, when you’re small
‘Cause the ones that you get from Phizer
Don’t do anything at all
Take Cialis – You’ll feel ten feet tall

And if you go like a rabbit
Jumping around from hole to hole
You’ll be hooked up for thirty-six hours
Instead of Viagra’s small window
Take Cialis and then you’ll know

When men get depressed or
A little older blood moves slow
But you can regain that concrete mushroom
If you get your blood to flow
Take Cialis and watch it grow

Defying logic by your proportion
Thanks to your yellow friend
It’s like the clock has been moving backwards
And you’re now nineteen years old again

Remember – the yellow pill instead
Raise the dead Raise the dead

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