Saturday, May 21, 2011

An Open Letter To Harold Camping

Dear Harold,

Now that it is has become obvious - presumably, even to you - that your calculations and predictions were groundless, perhaps you'd like to enter into a discussion of why you were so off-base.

I just happen to be bold enough to believe that I know the reason, and it has nothing to do with the New Testament pronouncement of one knowing that day and time.

No. It is far worse than that.

I have to shake the very foundations of your faith. Sorry, but it needs to be done. You were wrong for reasons that you can barely imagine, let alone accept. But maybe - just maybe - you are now ready to face the truth of the fundamental flaw in your understanding.

The fundamental flaw in the understanding of all so-called Christians around the world today. You, and all of the so-called Christians, have been duped and deceived by a master deceiver. This is going to shake your world, Harold - even more than it has been shaken by your massive failure of May 21st 2011.

If you are ready to have this conversation - contact me.

If not, I will understand. Often it is easier to cling to our delusions than it is to face the truth. But you, and all of the so-called Christians around the world, have declared Jesus a liar and a fool. Maybe it's time to talk about it.

Bill Clarke.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Water For Elephants

Real 'quick and dirty' review of the film, which Trish and I saw last night.

Rob Pattinson - did a decent job of it; not spectacular but certainly not horrible.

Reese Witherspoon - was very good but too old for the part. The obvious age difference results in a lack of chemistry between the two main characters where chemistry was really needed.

Changes from the novel - very gutsy move to combine Uncle Al and August into one character and I think it worked very well. I doubt I would have thought to do that and, if I had, I further doubt that I would have had the balls to try. They tried and succeeded in my view; a gamble that paid off.

Overall, the film is worth seeing if you read the novel or not (...and in both the film and novel the elephant steals the show).