Friday, March 24, 2006

Canadian Regulators Object To Aussie Ad

The recently launched and now controversial (Tourism Australia) advertisement which concludes with the tagline "Where the bloody hell are you?" has now run foul of the Canadian regulator.

But it's not the tagline that's the trouble this time as much as the opener: "I've bought you a beer".

(Aussie) Tourism Minister Fran Bailey said she had been told by Canadian authorities they could not accept that line.

"We now have the Canadian authorities not wanting us to use the opening segment of `I've bought you a beer'," Ms Bailey said in Melbourne.

"The Canadian regulator says that this implies consumption of unbranded alcohol."

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The Aussies have misunderstood Canada’s objection. It isn’t the ‘consumption of unbranded alcohol’ that we find offensive but the misrepresentation that that stuff they drink in Australia is actually Beer.

You know like, Fosters – Australian for piss