Sunday, January 29, 2006

I could be your hero...

We had our joint birthday bash last night and I think a good time was had by all. I got to see a side of one of Trish's friends that I'd never seen before. First off, I had no idea that she had a tattoo until seeing her in a bathing suit in the hot tub. Second, she got a little drunk - didn't do anything outrageous - but you could see hints that this conservative, soft-spoken lady has a 'wild side' that she usually keeps under wraps.

It always interesting to find out there's more to people than you know.

An acquaintence of mine couldn't resist petting/interacting with the cats whenever one of them wandered into the room - I never would have guessed that he was a cat person. You never can tell.

As almost always happens at one of our gatherings, eventually the guitars came out and Rick took over the piano and we took turns entertaining each other. Goddamn I wish I could play guitar as well as Rick plays piano - the guy is just incredible. I was telling the 'surprise' cat-lover and his wife about Rick having donated one of kidneys to his best friend and, you know, what are the chances of being a match and everything and they were just astounded. But Rick is so casual about it - it's just something he did, not a big deal. I swear if it had been me I would try to get the story made into a TV movie or something. Rick doesn't seem to think he did anything so spectacular but I think he is a genuine Goddamn hero.

Not the kind of hero that we used to talk about in my police career - being a hero by being willing to take the risks, but a real hero who actually DID something. Hmmm - I think I sense a storyline coming together...

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