Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Chosen People

Before you hit the 'Flag' button - Read the ENTIRE article.
If you do you will realize that the only group being treated
in a deragatory fashion are antisemites.

Who are the Chosen People?

If you said 'the Jews': congratulations - you are right. But ask yourself this: Is being 'Chosen' a good thing? It really depends on the context, doesn't it? The Jews were 'chosen' in ancient Egypt - chosen to be slaves. The Jews were 'chosen' in Nazi Germany - chosen for extinction; not a good thing. In fact, George Bernard Shaw quipped that, if the Nazis realized just how 'Jewish' their notion of Aryan Superiority was, they would immediately abandon it.

Actually, I can instantly prove to you that being one of the 'Chosen People' isn't a good thing. Anyone can be a Jew. In fact, if you are a man who is already circumcised or a woman it is as easy as joining any other 'Religion'. (If you are a man who ISN'T circumcised then, I grant you, it's a pretty big deal.) But when is the last time - other than for matrimonial reasons - you ever heard of someone becoming a Jew? C'mon, you know... Sammy Davis, Jr., right? Can you name anyone else? I bet you can't.

Sammy Davis, Jr. was a short, ugly, one-eyed black man, married to a beautiful white woman, living in the Southern United States in the 1950s. I mean - Hell, if he was already circumcised, he probably figured: ‘What've I got to lose...I might as well become a Jew. At least the food's good.'
If being one of the 'Chosen People' was a good thing, don't you think people would be lining up to join?

It's like the whole 'Gay' thing. The single most compelling argument for homosexuality NOT being a matter of choice is this: Who would chose it?

Okay, ask yourself this: What is the most powerful and compelling force of political/cultural change in the last two thousand years? It's gotta be anti-semiticism, right? I mean, c'mon - aside from the Nazis, you've got the Spanish Inquisition. And when you realize that people of Arab descent are also a Semitic people you have to throw in the Crusades as well. In two thousand years, name me one other thing as powerful as anti-semiticism... you can't. Do you still think that being 'Chosen' is a good thing?

But they persist. Jews continue to be Jews despite everything. They lose their homeland - there are still Jews. They regain their homeland but are restricted from going there - there are still Jews. The restrictions on them are lifted but chunks of their land are cut away - there are still Jews. Their sacred sites are given away - there are still Jews. They get blamed for every bad thing that ever happened on this planet yet there are still Jews.

Is there a direct relationship between anti-semiticism and some kind of learning disability?

What is the source of this hatred of a people who persist in spite of the best efforts of some to eliminate them?

It's because they killed Christ, isn't it?

The politically correct among us will point out that it wasn't the Jews who actually killed Christ, but the Romans. But secretly the Jews still get blamed, don't they?

You know my response to those who blame the Jews for killing Christ? - So what. If they did, they killed one of their own. Indians killed Gandhi - we don't blame every Indian for it. Blacks killed Malcolm X, a white American killed JFK.

And when you get right down to it, if Jesus came to Earth to be sacrificed for our sins then someone had to do the sacrificing. Whoever killed Christ - Romans or Jews - weren't they fulfilling the will of God? For God to give 'his only begotten son' someone has to take Him, don't they?

It's like God said: 'Okay Jews, I'm sending down my son to be sacrificed so you kill 'im, okay?'

And the Jews said: 'What? Us again? Why don't you have the Romans do it? They're gonna be gone in a few hundred years anyway.'

And God said: 'Tell you what, YOU finger 'im and I'll get the Romans to do the actual wet work.'

And the Jews said: 'Okay. But you know they're gonna blame us anyway.'

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