Saturday, January 21, 2006

My New Gameshow Idea

My Dad Can Beat Your Dad

Three ten-year-olds (boys or girls) each pick one 'event' for their fathers to compete in against each other. Events can be anything measurable: hit a golf ball the furthest, lift the most weight, run the fastest, eat the most hot-dogs, whatever. We present five choices to the kids and they each choose one different event; (in alphabetical order - based on the Dad's last name.) Kids choose from among:
1- My Dad is the 'Strongest'
2- My Dad is the 'Fastest'
3- My Dad is the 'Smartest'
4- My Dad is the 'Bravest'
5- My Dad is the 'Grossest'

Once the three events are decided all three Dads compete in all three events. Dads win points based on each event: 3 for first, 2 for second, 1 for third, 0 for incomplete. BUT if a Dad fails to win the event his child picked, he gets a zero (he will keep competing because total points determines the winner.) This puts extra pressure on each one in turn. In the (unlikely) event of a tie, prize is split between the winners.

We play events in the order chosen. For the first event, Dads compete in randomly selected order. Whichever Dad wins the first event chooses the order for the next event. Whichever Dad wins the second event chooses the order for the third. Events are played on three consecutive days and are explained up front to all Dads.

Possible events.

'Strongest' - Restack a pile of construction bricks in the shortest time. Most 'chin-ups' in one minute. Rock-climbing the quickest. Marine-style obstacle course. (To mix it up, have them do an event with their kid on their back.)

'Fastest' - Steeplechase without a horse. Run a mile. Three-legged race with their kid as partner. Eat hotdogs/spaghetti/tofu/whatever in the quickest time.

'Smartest' - Kid goes in a maze Dad has a map of the maze and has to lead the kid out by giving instructions via walkie-talkie. Dad takes over a chess game against computer that is within three to five moves of checkmate, can he win? Spelling Bee.

'Bravest' - Walk a tightrope. Ride a bike across a 2X4 suspended between two buildings. Catch the most snakes in a pen. Pretty much any type of events where there is an element of perceived danger.

'Grossest' - Likely to be the most fun: eat disgusting things. Find a key in a vat of something disgusting to to unlock a chain holding their child before the vat dumps out on their child. Endless possibilities.

Spin-off Possibilities:
My Mom Can Beat Your Mom
My Mom Can Beat Your Dad
My Celebrity Dad Can Beat Your Celebity Dad
(or My Dad Can Beat Your Dad: Celebrity Version)

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