Sunday, June 18, 2006

Global Warming

In the 6,000 year long History of the Universe we apparently have seen climate change occur before that could not be ascribed to human activity so it is possible that global warming is merely another natural cycle. Such naturally occurring climate change has never resulted in the extinction of the human race although it may have contributed to the extinction of some other species - like the dinosaurs - which is probably a good thing since it must have been difficult building a civilization with those giant monsters running around.

We need to determine if Global Warming is being caused by human activity so what we should do is burn down all the forests. This will put such a massive quantity of CO2 into the atmosphere that we will be able to quickly determine what influence that has on the climate. Purely as a bonus, it will also eliminate all that pollution generated by trees.

Subsequently, if we are able to conclude that we are causing global waming, we can construct giant wind farms where the forests used to be in order to generate the power we need and we can stop burning fossil fuels or, alternatively, we can burn all the fossil fuels at once to get it over with - one big giant bonfire. Then we would never be tempted to rely on fossil fuels again because they'll be gone.

If we're going to err, I think we should err on the side of caution. After all, we could always find another planet but once an Industry is gone it's gone for good. If it turns out that we are not causing global warming, at least we'll have had one heck of a good weekend.

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