Sunday, February 05, 2006

Where The Truth Lies

One of the few instances where the 'critics' are completely correct. This is a BAD movie.

The acting is brilliant.

The directing superb.

But the concept is so horribly flawed and so patently absurd that the result is a terrible movie.

God, I wanted to like it - since 'The Sweet Hereafter' I have been a big Atom Egoyan fan. But please, the reliance upon coincidence and the dependence on audience homophobia and the patently absurd denouement (the butler did it; give me a break) make for a joke of a film.

As I read the discussion of censorship as the reason for this film's failure I actually became encouraged - 'Who are these puritans who would stifle an important movie because of their intolerance?' I sensed a cause celebre. But it ain't so.

This film counts upon homophobia to make its point. It assumes homophobia among its audience for the film to make any kind of sense. This film assumes the worst from its audience and plays upon that. This is a BAD film.

Whom do I complain to to get back the 108 minutes of my life that this piece of self-indulgent crap used up? Atom -- PLEASE chose your material more carefully. I have not read the novel but if you were at all 'true' to it then you need to chose your sources more carefully. You are a better director than this piece of crap demonstrates - and it has nothing to do with the sexual content - it has to do with the basic premise: BE A BETTER DIRECTOR.

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