Sunday, September 09, 2007

The Perfect Mistake

Okay - here's the back story: In July, I was on a family camping trip and I wrote this song - The Perfect Mistake.

I decided that I'd like our church band (SEGUE - I'm the drummer) to do this song so I threw together a demo of it so that I could teach it to the rest of the band.

I uploaded an MP3 of the demo and asked several people to comment - the comments were very positive; not just about the song itself but even about the demo (which, I must admit, surprised me because I didn't spend a great deal of time preparing the demo since it was only meant to be instructional and in no way a finished product.)

So I decided to add some video to the demo and upload it to my 'youtube' account and that brings us to here. I hope you enjoy it.

And, just for fun, here's a list of items supposedly invented by mistake:

Sticky Notes
Implantable Pacemakers
Potato Chips
Nitrous Oxide
Tea Bags
Air Conditioners
Purple Glass
Vulcanized Rubber
Microwave Ovens
Bubble Wrap

"Mistakes are the portals for discovery."
- James Joyce

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Anonymous said...

hi Bill,

i enjoyed your song. i think it has beautiful meaning in it, and wish you luck bringing it into a fuller version.


darryl cremasco